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AHS: Hotel

I smell sex and candy. I hate being Willy Wonka's roommate.

Видели Питерса с гламурными усишками? Кинографичный злодей с железных дорог : D
Сара Полсон в роли шмары (этакая Марла Зингер) смотрится на удивление гармонично.
Ставки — СТАВКИ — на их обещанный тандем.

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Хэллоуин, 1964

I smell sex and candy. I hate being Willy Wonka's roommate.
cтало жаль выбрасывать сей выплеск сознания. пусть валяется здесь, под катом. мне оч нужно было прост)))0


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I smell sex and candy. I hate being Willy Wonka's roommate.
Meet Moira O’Hara, a ghost whom appears to be eternally twenty-five & sixty-one years old; she’s been trapped in the Murder House since her death in 1983.

♫♪ “And so they say, Lord, for everything a reason. For every ending, a new beginning. Oh, so they say baby, for everything a reason. And so they say baby for everything a reason. And those who've loved before will be brought back together...” [►]

I have long stopped asking why the mad do mad things…

{+}: Wise, Nurturing, Graceful
{–}: Tease, Heartbroken, Deceiving

It’s a filthy world we live in, it’s a filthy goddamn helpless world…

Moira O’Hara was born into a family with little money, her father had left them at a young age — which only made the struggle to survive that much more difficult. All her life, the only thing Moira truly wished for was her mothers happiness… so when she turned sixteen, Moira set off to find work to help provide for her small broken family. It was a difficult task to find steady work for a young woman in her time, and so she made her money by cleaning houses. She never really got the opportunity to stay at any job for a long time, for she had a bad habit of seducing the men of the house, and more often than not, would be fired by them before things became too suspicious.

In 1983, Moira found herself working for the Langdon household, and she was making more money than she ever had before. Though she didn’t quite connect with the family as well as she wished she did, there was one that she got to know a little too well. Hugo Langdon. Having had an affair with this man, Moira instantly regretted her decision, especially when he tried to make the moves on her again while she was working. Moira rejected the drunken man, and he wasn’t too happy about that — therefore he attempted to force himself upon her, only to be caught by Constance, his wife. Constance knew something was going on between the two of them, and in a rage she shot dear Moira directly in the left eye, killing her instantly.

Moira was buried in the backyard, and she remains there to this day — hidden away 8 feet under the gazebo that steals the focus of the scenery. Now that the place is has been turned into a college housing unit, this seductive red head still finds herself cleaning the place up in her spare time, when she’s not trying to catch the eye of anyone new. She’s not picky when it comes to anyone in the house, dead or alive — as long as they want her, seduction is something of a game to her, a way to pass the time when she has nothing better to do. Depending on her mood, she might reveal herself as her young beautiful self, or she might just turn the tables and allow you to see her as the sweet old maid she can be at heart… but if one thing’s for sure, you better keep your eye out for this one, she’s good at making people pay for their sins.

Are you sure you want to be alone? They say this house is haunted…

Moira is portrayed by Alexandra Breckenridge & Frances Conroy, and is currently taken.

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I smell sex and candy. I hate being Willy Wonka's roommate.

Hi, I'm Tate. I'm dead. Wanna hook up?

Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream
Philip Glass - Candyman Suite, Helen's Theme
Artie Shaw And His New Music - Nightmare
Lesley Gore - You Don't Own Me (Stereo)
Mirah - Special Death
Frederic Chopin - Waltz in B minor Op. 69 No. 2
Anonymous 4 - Voices Of Light V. Pater Noster (With Netherlands Radio Choir, Netherlands Radio Philharmonic & Steven Mercurio)
Lena Horne - Good For Nothing Joe

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